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In addition to my peer-reviewed publications, I frequently blog on the MSU AFRE Voices page.  Recent topics include:

I also appear regularly on the Connect-2-Consumer podcast with Bridget Behe.  Episodes include:

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Malone, T. & J.L. Lusk. 2019. “Mitigating Choice Overload: An Experiment in the U.S. Beer Market.” Journal of Wine Economics. EarlyCite: 1-23. 

McFadden, B.R. & T. Malone. 2018. “How will Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Food Nudge Consumer Decision-Making?Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics. 77(4): 186-194. 

Malone, T. & J.L. Lusk. 2018. “Releasing the Trap: A Method to Reduce Inattention Bias in Survey Data with Application to U.S. Beer Taxes.” Economic Inquiry.

Malone, Trey & Jayson L. Lusk. 2018.  “A Simple Diagnostic Measure of Inattention Bias in Discrete Choice Models.” European Review of Agricultural Economics. 45(3): 455-462.

Malone, Trey & Jayson L. Lusk. 2018. “An Instrumental Variable Approach to Distinguishing Perceptions from Preferences for Beer Brands.Managerial & Decision Economics. 39(4): 403-417.

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2018. “Consequences of Participant Inattention with an Application to Carbon Taxes for Meat Products.” Ecological Economics. 145: 218-230.

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2018. “If You Brew it, Who Will Come?  Market Segments in the American Beer Market.”  Agribusiness: an International Journal. 34(2): 218-230.

Malone, Trey and Dustin Chambers. 2017. “Quantifying Federal Regulatory Burdens in the Beer Value Chain.” Agribusiness: an International Journal. 33(3): 466-471.

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2017. “The Excessive Choice Effect Meets the Market: A Field Experiment on Craft Beer Choice.” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 67(2): 8-13.

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2017. “Taste Trumps Health and Safety: Incorporating Consumer Perceptions into a Discrete Choice Experiment for Meat.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 49(1): 139-157.

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2016. “Brewing Up Entrepreneurship: Government Intervention in Beer.Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. 5(3): 325-342. [Outstanding Paper Winner, Editorial Board]

Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2016. “Putting the Chicken Before the Egg Price: An Ex Post Analysis of California’s Battery Cage Ban.”  Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 41(3): 518-532.

Other Articles and Appearances

Stein, Jeff. 2018. “Republicans say they’ve slashed taxes on small breweries. But big alcohol may be the biggest winners.” Washington Post Wonkblog. January 3.

Malone, Trey. 2017. Incorporating Behavioral Principles in Primary Data Collection and Analysis with Application to Beer Demand. PhD Dissertation.

Malone, Trey. 2017. “EconTalk.org [podcast]. July 17, 2017. ‘Tamar Haspel on Food Costs, Animal Welfare, and the Honey Bee.‘ Library of Economics and Liberty.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Malone, Trey, and Joshua C. Hall. 2017. “Can Liberalization of Local Food Marketing Channels Influence Local Economies? A Case Study of West Virginia’s Craft Beer Distribution Laws.” Policy Watch. 6(2): 54-58.

Malone, Trey, and Martin Stack. 2017. “What do beer laws mean for economic growth?Choices Magazine.

Notte, Jason. 2017. “How can craft beer companies survive? Use ratings.” MarketWatch, April 9.

Hofer, Franz D. 2015. “Beeronomics: An Interview with Trey Malone.” Tempest In a Tankard: Intellectual Ferment of a Different Kind, January 14.

Shideler, Dave and Trey Malone. 2013. “Measuring Community Retail Activity.”  Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. AGEC-1049.

Malone, Trey. 2013. “An Examination of What Might be Done to Move Modeling Local Foods Forward.” Master’s Thesis.

Malone, Trey. 2012. “Spotlight on… Guymon.” Oklahoma Economist. 3rd Quarter. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Malone, Trey and Brian Whitacre. 2012. “How Rural Is Our Local Food Policy?”  Daily Yonder, September 17. Center for Rural Strategies.

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